Ruby Iona Forsythe was one of 8 children for Vida Plummer. Her father was Leonard Forsythe. She was born in Spur Tree, Manchester and attended Ferguson Elementary School.

Her mother passed away when she was very young, and she was raised by her grandmother. Life was not easy for her during her elementary years, but she was eager to learn and tried never to miss school.

When Ruby graduated from school, she heard about a job as a housekeeper with a family of physicians in Bull Bay, Portland. She took the opportunity to leave her aunt’s house and made a new life for herself in Portland. Those days, everything was very formal, formal breakfast settings, formal dinners and parties, so with her enthusiasm to learn new things, she absorbed all she could while working with that family.

Ruby’s 3 children Paulette, Michael and Danny were born while she was living in Portland. She spent 15 years there then made a second transition to San Side District in St. Mary where her father had also settled. Here Ruby met Bertie Eaton. He was a returning resident from England. The 2 became an established household respected by all in the community.

In St. Mary Ruby, worked at the Dana Brassiere Factory. She was eventually promoted to Floor Supervisor and after 20 years, she retired in 2000.

Retirement didn’t mean that Ruby was going to stay home and do nothing. She became an entrepreneur. She put up a small building near the front gate of her house and opened a grocery shop. Of course, she got overwhelming support. She sold chicken, ice cream and other commodities that were not available from her competitors. In addition, she would have items from the US whenever she got barrels of goods shipped to her by family.

Ruby and Bertie became members of the Quaker Hill Friends church and to make things right in the eyes of God, they were joined together in holy matrimony in 2010. They were always at church and even had regular prayer meetings via CB radio. That was their version of zoom back then. Sadly, Ruby became a widow when Bertie passed away in 2014.

Ruby used to make annual trips to the US to visit family. In 2018 she finally decided to migrate and joined Paulette, her daughter, in Connecticut. We were all quite happy with her decision because she was alone in St. Mary.

Well, we are not here to stay forever, and Ruby got some borrowed time, living to 88 years. She made her transition after being ill for approximately 2 years. She lived a full life and was ready when her Heavenly Father called her home on Dec 2nd. She will live in the memories of her sisters Viorice and Dira, children Paulette, Michael and Danny, 11 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren, many other relatives and friends.