Local Cemeteries


  • Department of Veterans Affairs – can provide veterans and their family members with information regarding VA burial benefits, locations of National and Military cemeteries, and other veteran information.
  • Social Security Administration – The Survivor’s Benefits Publication available from the Social Security Administration explains how to earn, apply for, and receive survivor benefits from the SSA.
  • Connecticut Funeral Directors Association – This organization represents the majority of independent funeral homes in the State of Connecticut. We are a proud member of this organization.
  • National Funeral Directors Association – Based in Wisconsin, the National Funeral Directors Association represents the majority of independent funeral homes across the country. We are a proud member of this educational and supportive organization.

The Social Security Administration provides a one-time lump sum death benefit of $255 to a surviving spouse or dependent child (under 18-years-old).

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs will provide a flag, grave marker, reimbursement for the installation of the marker and possibly a monetary death benefit depending on the cost of the funeral, financial need and place of death. In order to receive these benefits, the family must provide the funeral home with a copy of the veterans’ DD-214 Honorable Discharge Papers. Please Note: The Department of Veterans’ Affairs will not pay all of the funeral expenses to bury your loved one; this is a very popular misconception. The amount they give is a nominal amount. When there is a flag that drapes the casket, there is no need for the family to purchase a casket spray.

The Connecticut Department of Social Services will pay a MAXIMUM amount of $1,200 toward the funeral expenses depending on need and often times, the cost of the funeral. The funeral director will apply for this stipend and it is paid directly to the funeral home.