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Curvin K. Council Funeral Home has been providing funeral services and goods for over twenty-two years. We are independently owned and offer traditional funerals, memorial and cremation services, and a convenient pre-need program.

Your choice of funeral service is a personal decision.  At Curvin K. Council Funeral Home we explain the options available, then allow you to make your own choices.

Honoring Veterans

Tradition, honor, and dignity are the hallmarks of a military funeral. No matter which combination of ceremonial elements you choose to include, Curvin K. Council Funeral Home will help you pay tribute in a way that celebrates their sacrifice, patriotism, and dedication.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the purpose of a funeral?
A: Funerals are an important step in the grieving process, as well as an opportunity to honor a life lived. They offer surviving family members and friends a caring, supportive environment in which to share thoughts and feelings about the death. Often funerals are the first step in the healing process.

Q: Is it possible to plan a funeral in advance?
A: Curvin K. Council Funeral Home recommends that everyone preplan his or her own funeral. Doing so can offer emotional and financial security for both you and your family. By preplanning a funeral you will get the kind of service you want and your family will be unburdened from making decisions at a stressful time. Preplanning doesn’t necessarily mean prepaying. If you are considering preplanning your funeral, please contact us for more information.

Medicaid Title 19 and Funeral Trusts & Contracts

Medicaid or Title 19 can pay for health care for Connecticut residents in low income situations.  Anyone applying for Medicaid is entitled to set aside funds for the purpose of paying their funeral/burial expenses as part of the spend-down process.  Click Here to view information  from the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association that answers frequently asked questions and explains what you are entitled to.

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We are committed to excellence and Integrity. Providing professional and compassionate care to the families we serve is paramount.

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