When Death Occurs Within A Family

Quite often, when death occurs within a family, those who are left to make the arrangements for the funeral aren’t sure of what they should do. The following information will assist you in case you are faced with having to make funeral arrangements for a loved one:

Once the family or person in charge of handling the arrangements has decided on the funeral home they desire to use for services, call the funeral home and leave your telephone line open for at least 10 minutes (please keep in mind that often times funeral directors are conducting funerals, in an arrangement conference, running errands, etc., and need time to return your call after we have been paged). When the funeral director or representative returns your call, please have ready the full name of the deceased, the place of death or location of the deceased, your name or contact person and telephone number. If possible please inform the funeral director at that time if you are planning to have a funeral ceremony with an open casket (this will let the funeral director know whether to embalm the deceased). The state of Connecticut does not require that a person be embalmed except when there will be viewing of the deceased by the public. Before you inform other relatives and friends about the day and time of the funeral and/or viewing hour(s), please confirm it with the funeral director and clergy person/church FIRST.

When you meet with the funeral director to make arrangements for the funeral service, please bring the following information regarding the deceased:

    1. Last address
    2. Marital status
    3. City and state of birth
    4. Date of birth
    5. Father’s name
    6. Mother’s maiden name
    7. Last occupation and employer
    8. Social security number
    9. Highest education
    10. Name of last spouse
    11. Veteran’s information (if applicable)

Also have the names and cities of residence of all the children, brothers and sisters. If deceased was a veteran, please locate the military discharge papers (Form DD-214) and bring them to the funeral director. If the family will be using insurance proceeds to pay for the funeral expenses, please bring the policy if the policy has been in force for at least two years. The funeral home will take an assignment on the policy if the insurance company allows it.

Women – underclothes, stockings or knee-hi’s, dress or suit (high collar and long sleeves).
Men – underclothes, socks, suit, shirt and tie.
(Casual clothing may be used also.)

On the day of the funeral, please make sure you inform all family and friends that will be in the funeral procession, to be at the pickup location prior to the scheduled arrival time of the limousine(s). Please make sure there is ample parking space for the limousine(s) in FRONT of the house. If there is more than one limousine, the first limousine should include the spouse and children. The second one should include brothers, sisters and any other family members or friends.

It is at the discretion of the family as to whether they desire to give the clergy person an honorarium (donation) and include it in the funeral contract. If the family decides to communicate with the minister directly, please inform the funeral director so that he or she can relay that to the clergy person. If the service is held at the funeral home, and the director has to request a minister and organist on behalf of the family, the appropriate fees will be included on the funeral bill.

The local cemeteries close earlier on Saturday than during the week. Therefore, services must begin, usually at 9:00 AM. Hamden Plains and Evergreen Cemeteries require that all services be concluded and out of the cemetery before 11:30 AM, and Beaverdale Cemetery is 11:45 AM.

Please feel free to call us with any specific questions or concerns.